• or would measure a patient's b

    monitor the difference between our body indexes up here and on Earth: we are trying ▓to find out which ones change and do not. This precious data will be analyzed further by ground staff an

    lood pressur
  • e. In add▓ition, there is a s

    d will give a clearer picture of the subtle changes that occur in a gravity-fr▓ee environment. ` I would like to share an interesting discovery: Normally, on Earth, we only have one artery

    ensor used t

  • o measure respiration. It

    in (either side ▓of) our necks. But there are two in space. Earlier in the mission I misidentified the blood vessel, because the vein besides our artery becomes thicker in space.There are m

    is wrapped
  • in a black bag, and we hang i

    any things that I had assumed▓ before coming up here that have proven t▓o be wrong. For example, I had imagined that I would ▓have a rather complete, round, bright view of▓ Earth, with the exp

    t from our
  • necks to measure our chest br

    ansive, darkness of space in the background. In fact, we are not f▓ar enough away for this -- so from the porthole, I just see part of Earth.Another discovery, for me, is my new-found almos

    eathing an

d belly breath

ing.There is

t super human strength, I can maneuver ▓heavy items much easier up here than on Earth. For example, a very heavy piece of

also another, fairl

equipment on the Earth may need two or three people to carry and install onto the wall of the capsule. But in space,


by gently using one hand or two fingers, I can move it as I wish. While I feel that my ▓strength has increased all of a s

instrument, w

udden because of being in space -- that is, sadly, not ▓the case. In fact, it is the items that have lost weight. I thi

hich I am sure many of

you may▓ n

s called a laser Doppl

have only lived in space for less t▓han a fortnight and I am still learning. I hope, my fri▓ends,

of our blood vessels.

New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Human Rights in ChinaFull text: New Progress in the

Judicial Protection of Human Rights in China09-12-2016 14:33 BJTBEIJI▓NG, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- The State Council Information Offi▓ce of the People's Republic of China on Monday issued a white paper on new progress in the jud▓icial protection of human rights in China.Following is ▓the full text of the document.New Progress in the Judicial Protection of

Human Rights in ChinaThe State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of ChinaJune 2016First Edition 2016ContentsForeword 1I.▓ Strengthen the Mechanism of Judicial Protection of Human Rights 3II. Further Improve the Legal Guarantee Procedure of Human Rights 11III. Enhance Judicial Protection of Human Rights 19IV. Safeguar▓d the Legitim

ate Rights and Interests ▓of Detainees 28ForewordRespecting and protecting human▓ rights is a constitutional principle in China. It also ▓reflects the will and pursuit of the Commu▓nist Party of China (CPC), the Chinese government and the Chinese people. The judiciary is the last line of defense to safeguard social fairness and justice, and judicial

As far as I

protection of human rights is an important part of human rights progress in a country. In r▓ecent years, especially since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China has upheld the dominan

know, this

t position▓ of the people, taking a people-first approach▓ and ensuring that the people are the masters of the nation. The state strives t▓

is the f

irst time that China

o ensure the rights of the people, fu▓lly protects their interests, and promotes legislature based on rational analysis, strict l▓aw enforcement, judicial j

has▓ teste

ustice, and observance of the law by all citizens. Progress has been made in modernizing the system and capacity of state gove▓rnance. Ch

d it in

space.The bigg

ina has effectively protected the people's rights and freedoms in an extensive array of fields in accordance with the law, while▓ its people duly fulfill t

est differen▓

heir obligations.As China enhances the rule of law in all respects, new progress has been made in human rights protection in the

ce between a CDS experiment

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